Wall Solution

Versa Wood 8 is a wood substitution with natural wood appearance with 8 mm thickness, also environmental friendly and sustainable as it is not damaging the forests which serves as the lungs of the earth.


Versa Wood 8 is made from Fiber Cement Calcium Silicate and manufactured with V-Flex unique technology which collaborate “Science, Architectural & Nature”, and enhanced through the Autoclave Curing system thus guarantee superior quality which consists of strength, stability, weather endurance and flexibility.


Versa Wood 8 availables in two varians of texture such as teak (wood pattern), and smooth (no pattern).


Versa Wood 8 is the best solution for siding wall both interior and exterior use, and also as the decoration  which has aesthetic value that creating natural ambience on the building character. Can be applied on metal frame screwed with Versa Screw or on wooden frame nailed with Versa Nail, and finished with water based acrylic transparent paint for fiber cement board to get a natural wooden look.

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