Versa Wood adalah solusi pengganti kayu yang berpenampilan kayu alami, serta ramah lingkungan dan sustainable. Terbuat dari Fiber Semen Kalsium Silikat yang diproduksi menggunakan teknologi unik V-Flex  yaitu kolaborasi antara "Science, Architectural & Nature" dan disempurnakan melalui proses Autoclave Curing, sehingga menjamin kualitas superior yang meliputi kekuatan, kestabilan, daya tahan cuaca dan fleksibilitas.



25 Maret 2017

Facing increasing demand, Bakrie Building Industries educates hundreds of Sales

Inheriting a trail of success with its top products, namely Harflex and Versa Board and Versa Wood in the central part of Java, PT Bakrie Building Industries (BBI), as the pioneer manufacturer of leading building materials in Indonesia, focuses on educating the public of Central Java. BBI relies on its business partners, such as retailers and frontliners, to promote and sell its products. Therefore, in 2017 the company decides to focus on training them on the features of the products in order to give them higher qualifications and, consequently make them experts.


This event, titled Sales Gathering & Team Building 2017, will take place on March the 25th in The Cangkringan Jogja, Central Java; more than 120 people from 3 different BBI Official Distributors of Central and East Java, are expected to join the event.


During this gathering the employees and the frontliners will be trained on the products to reinforce their initial and technical skills. For instance, they will have a chance to get further information about the products’ benefits and unique value aspects such as Versa Wood which is one of the Green Product on the market. They will learn how to sell the right item to the right person (thickness, dimensions, accessories) and consequently provide customers high quality service.


As Mr. Muhamad Taslim, the Regional Business Manager of West & East, said: “ We would like to gain the attention of our public in central Java to increase our products sales and create a climate of trust and knowledge between our retailers and our company”.


BBI’s mission to be accomplished in this event is not only to tighten and strengthen the relationships with retailers of building materials, but also aims to emphasize the marketing strategy.


The event will start with a presentation of the company profile and social media strategy. This introduction will be followed by a very detailed products description and demonstration. The 3 times Top Brand awarded product, Harflex, will be presented as well as Versa Board, the best-seller product offering Total Building Solution using European technology to ensure its durability.


On top of that, the guests will be able to enjoy lava tour of Merapi Mountain, some entertain and to reveive doorprize.


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